The Team

  • Ian Coldwell
    Ian Coldwell Professor of Hare-brained Ideas and Concepts that just might fly

    Ian brings 20+ years of experience and knowledge of international travelling exhibitions and a passion for creative, interactive storytelling. His education and background have provided for a diverse career in the design, creation and management of social human engagements.  Ian excels at crafting world class, unforgettable experiences.  He is a natural storyteller who possesses an inquisitive mind and an unorthodox approach to solving problems.  Ian’s body of work includes event and festival production, traveling art and design exhibitions, interactive and web based design, workshops and other special projects that are not easily classifiable.

  • Andrew Walker
    Andrew Walker Commander & Chief of Strategy, Planning & Logistics and ensuring it all goes well.

    For over 20 years Andrew has been producing live experiences of all sizes, scope, and complexity for a variety of corporate clients, NGO’s, and non-profit institutions.  He has had the great fortune to work with luminaries from around the world including top-level executives, thought leaders, government officials and heads of state, leading cultural authorities, and a wide variety of performers and artists.  He specializes in tours, road shows, and events or exhibitions that take place across a variety of locations.  Andrew brings a calm and steady presence to the toughest and most demanding of situations.  He began his professional career as a stage manager and production manager for the performing arts and In addition to his producer credits, has a background in artistic development, talent management, educational arts programming, and community engagement.

  • Robert Entenman
    Robert Entenman Professor Emeritus & Grand Master of Technical Wizardry.

    Robert is a Founding member of 3-LS and the brains behind Ian’s crazy ideas.  He has since moved on to make his impact on the world working for a global tech start-up.  Generous as always, Robert often consults with 3-LS on projects that require is unique skill set.  

    A self-described “major geek” since the age of 5 when he learned how to program in a BASIC interpreter on a Radio Shack TRS-80. He easily embraces all forms of technology from the mundane to the experimental and theoretical. Throughout Robert’s career he has sought to share his knowledge through teaching and he has an extraordinary ability to make complicated technical principles easily understandable to the layperson. Robert’s body of work includes high-end complex projection/display rigs, customized software development, audio production and systems engineering and integration. 

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