Live Events, Conferences & Festivals

At 3-LS we specialize in the creation and execution of live, in-person experiences.  From Product Launches & Press Events, to Corporate Meetings & Conferences, to Arts & Music Festivals, we engage worldwide delivering superior audience experiences for our clients.  3-LS and our network of partners bring the industry experience and adaptability to ensure a superior engagement.

Trade Shows & Exhibits

Trade Shows and Expos provide an opportunity for personal customer engagement that is critical for most businesses.  3-LS provides design, technology integration, fabrication, and  onsite execution for Trade Fairs, Product Expos, Airshows, and similar industry events.   We focus on elegant design and the application of smart technology to ensure that our clients stand out in the crowd.

Exhibitions and Touring Shows

It is a core part of our mission is to deliver innovative and engaging experiences to your audiences.  3-LS creates interactive environments for permanent installation or touring.  Through the creation of compelling interactive environments for Museum Exhibitions, Interpretive Centers, Traveling Product Showcases, and Road Shows, we help our clients ensure that their messages leave lasting impressions.

Interactive Technologies

At 3-LS we develop and implement technologies and for the web, mobile, and embedded systems.  From sites supporting HTML5 to custom Arduino bits to trigger event sequences, we live and breathe this stuff.  Software Development and creating Apps is also in our wheelhouse and we have experience with deploying native code for most mobile and desktop platforms.  3-LS has a full toolbox of technological solutions for any project.

Logistics Management

If you have a project that involves moving assets around the globe, it is critical to have the right partner to help you negotiate the ever-changing landscape of import/export regulations and customs requirements.  At 3-LS we have the expertise and connections to execute complicated logistics and navigate the intricacies of international shipping and freight forwarding.  Let us alleviate the stress associated with ensuring that your gear arrives in time and intact.

Project Based Consulting

If you have an initiative that requires creative, design, technological or logistical expertise, 3-LS can help you define the scope of the project.  From brainstorming and ideation to proof concept and project management, let us bring the best of our creative thinking and expertise at execution to your initiative.

A Note about Confidentiality

Our clients know that they can trust us to treat their most confidential information with sensitivity. 

For us this means that we are often unable to brag about the work of which we are most proud. 

For you it means that you can rest assured that 3-LS is a partner that can be trusted with your most sensitive information.

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